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Saxophonist's Resources

International Saxophone Home Page

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Current Saxophone Manufacturers
Don't forget these aren't the only horns around for sale... Used horns are great too!!

Keilwerth Saxophones     Yanagisawa Saxophones
Selmer Saxophones                 Yamaha Saxophones

Interesting Related Sites

Windplayer Magazine Online      Walter S. Hartley info page
Saxophone History Timeline

Saxophone Artists

University at Buffalo Sax Ensemble   Amherst Saxophone Quartet   John Coltrane
Joshua Redman  Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra

Saxophone Music Publishers

Dorn Publications   Wingert-Jones Music, Inc.   Theodore Presser
Bardic Edition Music Publishers   G. Schirmer, Inc. & Associated Music Publishers

What Music Are You Into?

You can listen to the best jazz radio ever  over the internet.
For ALL types of music, check out the AMG (all music guide). Though it's not 100% thorough, this puppy has tons of useful information- artists, albums, dates, cross references, discographies and credits for everyone (don't forget the recording studio)!

... And have you heard about SACD yet?  With support and a little luck it will eventually replace the compact disc as we now know it.  I have personally never heard any recording format sound more real.  It's indistinguishable from a live performance, under the right conditions.  Check it out - you owe it to yourself to audition SACD!

Super Audio CD!

Saxophone Home Pages & The Sax Ring

 Another former student of  the wonderful Laurence Wyman has some saxophone pictures, downloadable audio files and other good stuff at Charles Gray's Page...

The Wrap Up

If you have any other saxophone web sites you'd like to see included here, please submit them by sending email to charlie (at) charliep (dot) net

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